Item Condition Policy

Shipping Boxes

A lot of resources go into designing a box that is as awesome as the product inside. That said, the outer box is a shipping box and is not designed for display. It is designed to protect the inner contents during the shipping process, and we fully expect it (like all shipping boxes) to be subject to wear and tear in the shipping process. We are unable to offer replacements for any damaged shipping boxes.


We cannot control slight manufacturing variations and are not able to replace based on these variations, including but not limited to minor paint flaws or figure positioning. Blemishes to packaging will not be considered as part of a damaged figure.

Product Packaging

Our manufacturers design their packaging to protect the collectibles inside, and we do not seal their boxes for this very reason. We encourage you to take your Pop! figures and other products out of the boxes to enjoy them! Even if you choose to keep your figures in the boxes, we are not able to replace packaging.

Blind Figure or Variant Items

Some boxes are shipped with blind boxes or variant items inside. All blind boxes and variant items are shipped at random, including replacements. If we replace a blind or variant item, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same variant as in your original shipment.


We bag and board our comics to protect them during shipping and are unable to issue replacements for damaged comics.


We are not able to exchange sizes or offer replacements for t-shirts that were sent in the size ordered. We cannot control slight manufacturing variations and are not able to replace based on these variations.

Our Promise

All of our items are pulled straight from the case. Most of our items are in mint condition but on occasion there may be a minor crease in the packaging or a faint scratch on the window. We will do our best to select the most mint condition items. If a bulk amount of a specific item arrived damaged we will note them as “not MINT” on their product description.